The Pixeljoy app allows you to create shortened links, retarget people that visit your link & advertise to people that visit your link.


From the Pixeljoy dashboard you can create a new link and import bulk links

To create your shorten URL; fill in the required details and click on ''shorten''


A Call To Action (CTA) is a prompt on a website which tells the user to take some specified action.

To create your own customized call to action, click on ''create call to action'' and fill the required details. 



Pixeljoy gives you the ability to check your analytics for your links which allows you to download your report, shows the location of your viewers, referrers details and what browser was used to access your link.



A custom domain is required for the use of pixeljoy to create your account and can only have one custom domain per subaccount.

To get a custom domain you can visit GoDaddy or Namecheap.



With the use of pixeljoy you can add your team members by sending them an invitation using their Email address and selecting what subaccount they should be added to. You get to view your pending invitations while your accepted invites will show in your team members page.



The account owner is the only user who has access to the billing plan.

You can also choose between a monthly or yearly plan by clicking on your preferred plan and filling in your card details. All your billing history can be viewed, you can also cancel your subscription.




When creating your personal info, pixeljoy requires you put in your full name and your Email address. You can also change your password and delete your account. (Please note: once you delete your account its irreversible, all data will be lost)



The subaccounts are used for organising as well as controlling team permissions. To create a new subaccount click on ''Add subaccount'' fill in the subaccount name and choose an image file(optional).


To create a pixel fill in your pixel type, your pixel name and pixel ID (your pixel ID would be taken from the social network you want to integrate. you can create as many as you would like to from the same social network) then submit.

To delete a pixel go to action and delete.


UTMs and TAGs

UTMs are used to track the source of your viewers from specific adverts. You can create different UTMs by clicking on add UTM and filling the required details.

Tags are a great way to keep links organised and grouping them together. To create a new tag click new tag fill in your desired name and click add.

You can review all tags and UTMs on the page.